Top Ten Trending Tech Products in Australia in 2017


It’s a booming scenario for technology in Australia as it’s growing more and more stronger in the continent with each day.

It’s a booming scenario for technology in Australia as it’s growing more and more stronger in the continent with each day. From smartphones and laptops to smart wearables or VRs, it’s a long list of smart gadgets that took over 2017. The inspiration though was the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) that introduced some of the mind-blowing trends for the year including the Amazon’s Alexa assistant that was incorporated into almost every electronic device we could think of.

In the wake of the top tech trends of the year, Amazon Australia also declared its list of best-selling products that included eight tech products out of all ten! So, if you are planning for a short trip to Australia this year, you must have an insight on tech scenario in Australia this year. Why? We will come to that in a short while. Before we get into the world of gadgets this year, let’s see how to get into Australia this Christmas.

How to get into Australia and get an insight on the tech scenario

Well, if you are travelling to visit your friends, family or relatives this holiday season you may want to gift them the best products and that can be perhaps be the popular tech gifts making news these days. Your trip can also be for business activities with an aim to get a fair idea on the latest gadgets in Australia for your business advantage.

So, you are all set to travel to Australia and you are happy that you have Visa. Nope! You would still not be allowed to enter Australia. Wondering why? Because as a foreign traveller you would need an Australian ETA visa which is different from the regular Visa. This is an Electronic Travel Authority or simply put an authority to enter the continent that’s electronically linked to your passport. ETA Visa is valid for only tourism or business activities that require short stays and is not a work permit. For work that’s interim, highly specialized, and non-ongoing, you would need a Temporary Work visa that can be applied from the government website.

Once you have the ETA visa for Australia and you have reached the continent, you are free to look around for the best tech gift for your loved ones or seek ideas for your business.

List of top ten trending tech products in Australia in 2017 to choose from

The choice of the tech product would depend on your inclination towards a specific area for example, some may like wearables and others may prefer the innovative category like an electronic mirror for your beauty routine. Moreover, what you buy will also depend on your understanding of the product and the important of all, your budget. Once you have these things in place you will be able to make the right choice.

Technology could not get crazier than these out of the box tech gadgets.

1. FIFA 18 PS4

With stage set for the upcoming FIFA 2018 and capturing the soccer frenzy, this is just the right tech launch at this time. Thanks to its powerful Frostible engine that blurs the line between the real and the virtual worlds bringing the ground, teams, players, and the viewers to life. This PlayStation is one of the top selling products on Amazon.

2. Star Wars Death Star 3D LED Lamp

There is no dearth of 3D lamps in the market, but this one is not just made of high-quality material, but can also support upto 50,000 hours of activity. This makes it a class apart from the other products in the market in the same category. This technological marvel generates a 3D stereoscopic effect, includes an LED strip that’s energy efficient, features touch button, comes in 7 color modes, and more.

3. Amazon Echo

Developed by, this smart speaker is a perfect buy for those looking for a smart home assistance. You just say “Alexa, turn on my TV”, it says “OK” and there it goes!

4. Smart Remote

This is an all in one remote that works smoothly with over 25,000 apps and gadgets like Nest, SONOS, Lyft, and Apple TV. You can control all those products from a single remote. That makes life a lot convenient, isn’t it?

5. Wair

This wearable gadget is a health device that looks more like a fashionable accessory that is, more like a scarf. But this elegant looking device does wonders to your health by purifying the air around you using the filtration device attached within.

6. Bloomlife

If you are pregnant and in your trimester, this makes for a perfect device to measure your contractions. This will then generate the results based on the contractions that will tell you if you are in labour. This pregnancy wearable is making quite a buzz with it’s innovative concept.

7. W7 from LG

If you are a fan of televisions with an ever-evolving technology, then this TV from LG is worth the expense. With a thickness of just 2.5mm and a Dolby Atmos soundbar with futuristic looks, this OLED TV can make for a perfect gift for the tech lovers this Christmas.

8. Honda self-balancing motorcycle

Balancing your motorcycle at the traffic or when below a certain speed level can be real challenging. However, it’s in fact just the opposite with the new Honda self-balancing motorcycle that not only keeps your bike balanced when moving below 5km/hr speed, it also works when the rider is away from the bike. Yes! You heard it right. It’s almost a robot motorcycle that we are looking at.

9. Razor’s three monitor laptop

Most of us have wished at times, what if our desktop monitors were broad as cinema or what if there were multiple monitors! This three-monitor laptop by Razor seems to be God sent just for the people who always it wanted it that way. Although it’s yet to be launched, this 12k gaming laptop is indeed much awaited.

10. Sony E Ink watch

Sony has moved over from the smartwatch category and taken it a level above with the E Ink watch that can change design and colour when seen under glass. So, which means it can up your fashion statement by matching with your mood and attire. What’s interesting is, the display of the watch is slimmer than a credit card!

Australia’s tech market is abuzz with these latest innovations that are in the most coveted list of many. While some gadgets are already launched, some are waiting to be released, and that prompts the added excitement among the tech lovers. So, whether you are an Australian national or a foreign tourist visiting their friends or family this Christmas on Australian ETA Visa, these are the perfect tech devices that can fuel up the celebrations. So, go get one and see a smile on the face of those whom you choose to gift from this super list.